Scratch Projects Step-by-Step With Videos and Worksheets

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Are you and your learners looking for a little more guidance with your Scratch projects? Check out this step-by-step Scratch project that gets learners to build a Scratch spelling game using a text-to-speech engine.

Your learners will cover the fundamentals like control blocks, looping, events, custom blocks, variables and lists.

And if you want to really challenge your learners, then you can continue this unit and recreate the game in Python.

The project includes videos, worksheets and activities to help accelerate the understanding of your students.

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How Do You Make a Scratch Project Step-by-Step?

Learning to code is a lot like following a recipe in cooking. You can break down each part of the whole process into smaller chunks.

These step-by-step Scratch projects break down each concept into individual pieces that ask your learners to focus on one aspect of the program.

  1. Learners have access to a video to watch a walkthrough of each concept.
  2. Learners follow along and build the component using the videos.
  3. The worksheets and activities build an understanding of the core coding concepts.
  4. Then the process is repeated for every other concept until the game is built.
  5. Students can tinker with the project and add their own flare throughout the unit.

What Kind of Projects Can You Create with Scratch?

At the end of this project, students will have created a spelling app that uses a text-to-speech engine.

The spelling app uses a .txt file of words to spell. Each line in the .txt file comprises a sentence inclusive of the word to spell.

Students import this .txt file into Scratch and work out how to read its contents. From there, students build out an app that gets the computer to do the following:

  1. Say and display the word on the screen so students can visually see the word.
  2. Say and display the sentence on the screen so students can see it in context.
  3. Remove the word and sentence from the screen and just say the word to spell.
  4. Users are prompted to spell the word.
  5. This sequence repeats until all words are attempted.
  6. Students can then place this into another game to create lives.

Scratch Project Ideas for High School

This unit of work can be used to transition learners from Scratch to Python.

If learners already have some familiarity with Scratch, then they can build this game on Scratch and repeat the process in Python.

Scratch Projects For Students

The best learning-based projects on Scratch must include branching, iteration and user input. The curriculum promotes these concepts.

Luckily, most projects that you create in Scratch use these blocks by default. These include control blocks, variables, lists and sensing blocks.

This step-by-step Scratch project covers all these bases and can be differentiated based on the needs of your learners.

It’s best if your students already have some understanding of Scratch blocks.

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Finding the perfect Scratch project step-by-step guide is elusive.

Save yourself time and grab your copy of this guide now.

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