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Solve Your Content Woes With This Education Freelance Writer

Are you searching for a creative writer for your educational blog? Heck, consistently generating quality content is a tough gig, so why not outsource it to an education freelance writer?

Brent raising his right fist in the air while looking up. Black and white image.
Brent, looking at all you Northern Hemisphere folk from down under.

Greetings! I’m Brent from Australia who writes, teaches, surfs, and programs while bringing value to the lives of others.

Writing posts that rank is my bread and butter and ranking posts drive more organic traffic to your site. Notably, my specialisations include: education, marketing, entrepreneurship, digital technology and self-help (specifically empathy). Not to mention, I can also write content for YouTube videos that will rank organically in the top 3 of longtail keywords.

The reader is at the centre of the conversation since I write with a conversational tone and style. Here’s what Robert van Tongeren had to say about one of my posts:

“I thought this was an excellent read. I love your writing style. It’s one of the most engaging pieces I think I’ve ever read from one of our students. The writing flows, it feels very conversational, and you do a wonderful job of bringing things down to earth with clear metaphors and examples.”

Robert van Tongeren — Associate Editor, Smart Blogger

Working with Brenton was a great experience. For me, the best part about his writing was that I was able to clearly see effort and research went into the content he wrote. It was not simply empty filler text that offers no value, like is often the case with other writers.

He was very responsive and professional.

I filled out a content brief where I was able to specify my vision and goals for the content. I was very happy when these goals were fulfilled.

Daniel Wilczynski — Founder of HardBlock Bitcoin Exchange

How I Go About Working With People

The most important part of ANY relationship is understanding each other. To help me understand your requirements, we’ll discuss and agree upon the specific goals you have in mind. 

Once we’re on the same page, I’ll conduct some competitor research of what’s currently out there. After all, this research will inform a general outline that I’ll send through to you. Then, you’ll check to ensure the outline meets your goals and from there I’ll put rubber to the road and generate a draft.

What Separates Me From the Pack

First, I have a solid working knowledge of SEO & keyword research and the way to integrate those keywords into posts. Additionally, I have undertaken study in nonviolent communication, which is a framework for empathy. For this reason, I am in a position better than most to really guess at the core needs of your readers and customers.

Secondly, I can also provide sketchnotes as images for key concepts throughout your posts if it fits your style.

Lastly, I get it done in the time specified. Period.

Where Can You Find My Writing Samples?

You can check writing samples on my blog.

I work best with clients who have a clear goal in mind and criteria in place to measure against meeting the desired goal. As a result, we’ll move quickly to achieving each other’s goals when we communicate with this kind of transparency. Your budget is approved and ideally we’ll communicate via a single point of contact who is across the goals of the brief. 

I look forward to establishing a positive and healthy working relationship with each other.

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