About the Melbourne Digital Education Consultant – Surfing Scratcher

Are you someone who loves learning? Yep, me too.

How about when you come across someone who nails the role of teacher? In that afterglow of learning, you’re left oozing with gratitude and awe. I love those people.

And I bet your mission is contributing value to lives of others, am I right? My friend, we have much in common. Subscribe to connect if the spirit moves you, but you’re also here because you want to know who or what is the Surfing Scratcher, yeah?

Well, that’s me, Brent, the digital technology consultant from Melbourne.

I inspire educators and learners to use technology authentically so that the value added by technology unleashes their learning potential.

The Story of a Digital Education Consultant

So where did the journey start? Carl Sagan puts it so eloquently when he says:

The same is true for a Surfing Scratcher. However, let’s fast forward several billion years to the moment I experienced the wonders and joy of learning. I credit that spark to two influences.

The first you’ve already heard: Carl Sagan. His method of delivery and passion to wriggle along a person’s learning leaves me in awe. The second person is Salman Khan. I first came across Sal’s videos on the Khan Academy while studying for an entrance maths exam through my 20s.

In high school, I’d told myself that maths just wasn’t for me. You’d be familiar with that narrative, right? Heard it from SO many people. However, Sal’s lessons rewired my thinking and shifted the narrative to believe that I can learn anything when the ingredients are right.

What are those ingredients?

Motivation, determination and perseverance. Positive self-talk goes a long way too. Think growth mindset — Carol Dweck.

Being super clear on what you set out to do and defining the action to take is equally as important as the ingredient above.

So I just had to contribute. Contribute to the learning journeys of others in the world. That’s what has led me here to Surfing Scratcher. An amalgamation of the previous life in coding with the present life in education. But the party is only just getting started.

How am I making that contribution?

You can split that into two categories: online and offline.

I’ve been working with little legends at a rural primary school in South Gippsland, Victoria. Young people just love working with digital technology. Just check out what they have to say.

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During my time at Koonwarra Village School, we did some pretty cool things. We worked with micro:bits, brought giant ears to life, but perhaps the greatest digital technology project was the annual ‘Sto Mo’ Film Night.

In fact, in 2019 we had two finalists and one group of passionate girls went on to win their Junior Animation category at the ACMI Screen it nation-wide competition. The school was abuzz. Check out the crew on the red carpet.

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What about online?

I’m glad you asked. I started Surfing Scratcher in 2019 to show learners how to code using Scratch. Throughout the year, I’ve been busy creating online video tutorials and resources that educators can use in their classrooms.

The videos are centred around coding and exist to reduce the strain on educators to bring coding experiences to their classrooms.

What’s been the feedback so far? Take a look for yourself.

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How Can I Help You?

So how can I help you? Is it for one of the services below?

  • Digital Technology Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Online Course Development
  • Casual Relief Teaching
  • Digital Consulting with your School

None of the above? Reach out and let me know. I look forward to learning with and learning from you.

Check out my web resume on Google Docs.

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