Ultimate List of Coding Gifts for Tweens

What Do You Buy a Tween Coder?

It’s a question that’s left many parents, aunts and uncles scratching their heads.

If they’ve been coding for a while, they have probably already asked for a tech-related item. If you want to go outside the tech box, there are still plenty of tech-related items that any tween coder would love to have as a gift.

Coding is one of those activities that can be done alone or in groups, so if your tween has been learning by themselves then it might be time to share their interests with those around them. Giving them the right tools can help them create and learn their way to success.

Below is a complete list of perfect coding gifts for tweens that suit any occasion.

A Coding Gift Guide for Tweens

BBC micro:bit

Dubbed the “most powerful pocket-sized computer in the world” by Forbes, BBC micro:bit is a powerful, lightweight, and compact computing device that can be programmed to do anything! The ultimate learning tool for students of all ages, the BBC micro:bit has been designed to provide opportunities for everyone to be able to tinker with coding.

KANO Harry Potter Wand

The KANO Harry Potter Wand is perfect for muggle kids who are interested in exploring the world of coding with Harry Potter. With this kit, they can learn how to code spells using easy-to-follow instructions. They can then cast them using the wand in fun and games, unlocking hours of entertainment. This kit is a must-buy for muggle kids who just can’t get enough of Harry Potter.

Let’s Start Coding Kits

Let’s Start Coding Kits teach kids (and adults) how to code and build things like games and apps. They blend the challenge of typed coding with the hands-on fun of electronics. And what’s more, the projects are solder-free and the instructions are easy to follow.

UBTECH Jimu Unicorn Codable Robot

The UBTECH Jimu Codable Unicorn robot is a super adorable and easy way to learn about STEM and coding. With the help of the free app, you can even customize your own unicornbot with cool, unique features. Start helping your tween invent their world today.

Wonder Workshop Cue Robot

Have you ever wanted to teach your child the love for coding, robotics, STEM, and problem-solving? With Wonder Workshop’s Cue Robot, your kids can learn the fundamentals of coding languages at a young age. With its in-app tutorials, challenges, and demos, they’ll learn about robotics and the basics of STEM subjects. The award-winning Cue robot is perfect for children who want to be just like their parents.


Snapino is the perfect intro to the Arduino® hardware-software coding world! It’s no ordinary Arduino UNO board though. This one has the features of an ordinary Arduino UNO but is compatible with other Arduino shields and components. With Snapino, you can program in either C or Javascript and even create your own library of code.

mBot v1.1

The mBot is a STEAM robot for beginners that makes teaching and learning robotics simple and fun. With the help of the step by step instructions, children can build a robot from scratch and experience how wonderful it is to create with their own hands. The mBot offers an interactive way to learn coding fundamentals with a variety of personalization options.

LEGO Boost

LEGO® BOOST is the newest way to build with LEGO®. With LEGO® BOOST, children are empowered to create models with motors and sensors, then bring them to life through simple coding commands. The free LEGO® BOOST tablet app includes easy step-by-step building instructions for creating and coding more than 20 projects right out of the box.

Merge VR Mobile AR/VR Headset

Education has never been so immersive. Play and learn together using the Merge Mobile AR/VR Headset. Kids can explore and interact with up to 300 games, apps and virtual reality experiences through our portal MERGE Miniverse – and they’ll never want to take it off!

Kittenbot Meowbit

Meowbit is a tiny robot that opens to reveal a micro-computer that can code with Makecode arcade and Python. It’s perfect for aspiring game developers, STEM enthusiasts, and anyone who loves video games. Meowbit is just like the game console you dreamed of as a kid.

Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

Do you want to start prototyping with Arduino but don’t know where to start? Worry no more! Grove has what you need. Grove is a modular, simple-to-use system designed by Seeed to easily connect a processor, such as an Arduino, to a wide range of “modules” such as sensors, motors, and inputs. Their Starter Kit has everything you’ll need for your tween’s first Arduino project up and running.

Makecode HaloCode Standard Kit

HaloCode is the perfect board for IoT enthusiasts, students, and makers. It’s designed to be powerful, affordable, and easy to use. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity, speech recognition capability with Google’s Cloud Speech API, and a range of ports for prototyping sensors for your projects.

Sphero BOLT

Introducing the latest in AI-powered robotics! The BOLT is Sphero’s latest, most advanced coding robot ball that brings your project to life with the power of programming. Get up and rolling with its 8×8 LED light matrix that allows you to display characters, vector graphics, sensor data, or play games on the matrix itself. It’s one of the most exciting ways to experience robotics, coding, and STEM education.

Make Your Pick

That’s the list! Now it’s over to you to make your pick. You can’t go wrong when it comes to selecting a gift for a tween who loves coding and robotics.

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